Balvia Fitness Pilates Yoga Ring Equipment Bundle with Non-Slip Grip Handles – Carrying Bag, Massage Ball and Exercise E-book Included – Premium Full Body Toning Fitness Circle

Pilates Ring

Easy to use and ideal for women who are beginners, intermediate and experienced yogis.


● Handles: EVA, PP
● Ring: Glassfiber covered with foam

Size: 12″ diameter

Balvia Fitness Pilates wheel is made of durable steel covered with soft fabric and padded, non-slip handles. The sturdy exercise circle is made to last and is designed to be easily carried by women, whether you train at the studio or at home. As for storing, it takes just a little storage space.


● Grants great performance
● Full body workout and conditioning
● Comfortable grip
● Improves your training routine
● Trains your abs, thighs, legs and arms


● Retains its shape after every use
● Eco-friendly materials
● Premium quality product
● Carrying bag included
● E-book containing exercises included

Balvia Fitness training gear is perfect for complete body conditioning!

We know it’s a struggle for many to constantly workout in order to obtain the best version of our body. However, you can have the best results when training and relaxing at the same time. Approaching a healthy lifestyle and supporting the active you, our team at Balvia Fitness have dedicated their efforts into offering the best training equipment out there.

Call it “yoga” or your prefered term for “workout”, but whatever the term, the main asset should be the healthy body. We’re here to make sure we provide you with class A gear so you can reach your goal – perform better, look better and feel better.

Product Features

  • GET A FULL BODY WORKOUT – Only a few minutes a day are needed to strengthen your muscles and improve mobility and posture while toning your abs, thighs, legs and arms and obtaining a core workout with the help of the yoga fitness ring. Designed to help you create resistance for a variety of exercises and enhance your Pilates power gym routine, Balvia Fitness circle can be easily used at home as well, by both beginners and advanced trainees.
  • ERGONOMIC AND EASY TO USE – The foam padded handles are soft, ensuring a firm, perfect grip on both sides of the hoop, making your workout all the more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE – Gain not just complete body conditioning, but also benefit from the durability of the ProSource resistance ring. Granted even for prolonged use under pressure, it will maintain its shape and resistance and it won’t crack.
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE – Carry your training gear along, everywhere you want, as the magic ring is flat and doesn’t take up a lot of volume. It also comes with a carrying pouch, making the hoop easier for women to carry.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Made of pliable steel and covered with durable rubber, the ring remains flexible even after strenuous training sessions.