Fitness Alley Neoprene Dumbbells A Frame Rack – Free Weights Hex Hand Weights – Gym Exercise 5 Pairs Set (2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb) with 5 Tier Rack

Fitness Alley “A” shaped weight rack is an easy steel construction powerhouse. Designed specifically for indoor use, it occupies least volume in your home. Available in 3 tiers and 5 tiers sizes, this durable dumbbell rack is constructed to last, offer sturdy support under most strenuous workouts. Galvanized screws ensure rust irritants and prevent accumulation of oil compounds on the surface of this weight rack for dumbbells.

Usage & Safety Instructions

Fitness Alley dumbbell rack stand comes in two sizes and each can withstand a compound weight of: 3 tier – 120lbs & 5 tier – 200lbs. Dumbbell types that can be stacked are neoprene, vinyl and rubber.

Assembly The free weight dumbbell rack comes un-assembled and requires a step-by-step construction:

Tools Needed: Screwdriver, adjustable wrench or spanner

To assemble this dumbbell rack, first unpack all components and locate the hardware. There are two bottom shelves and one separator Take the bottom shelves, align them parallel, place separator in the center and use 80mm galvanized screws to tighten this component section from both sides. Once the base is secured, take the side panels, position them upwards/vertically paralleled onto the bottom shelf. Now take the TOP on top of the assembly and bolt together 16mm screws. Nuts go inside with flat heads flush on the upper surface. Leave bolts finger tight.

The dumbbell rack should be placed on a flat floor surface. If this is not possible you will need to level the top of the rack for best performance. Tighten all the bolts to firm up the rack.

Product Features

  • DUMBBELL TYPES: The rack has been designed in a way to cater all major types of dumbbells so that you can keep all your dumbbells at a single place. On this rack you can keep neoprene, vinyl and rubber dumbbells weights.
  • SPACE CONCIOUS: The “A” shaped rack is ideally mobile and occupies least volume when assembled so that it does not occupy much of your space and you can keep this at any corner in your workout area or can move from one room to another as per the need.
  • MADE TYPE of DUMBBELLS: The free weight Neoprene Dumbbells are made up of high quality cast iron, coated with soft and smooth neoprene coating & has matte finish for a comfy-grip workout.
  • HOLDERS & TIERS: This “A” shaped Dumbbell Rack is designed having 5 tiers/holders to carry 5 weights on each side.
  • Weight capacity: (3 holders: 120lbs), (5 holders: 200lbs) – Manufacturers Warranty Included (12 Months) – Dimension: (33×29.5×43.5cm)