Seniors / Elderly Sitting Lightweight / Dumbbells Exercises for Strength, Rehab & Physical Therapy. This Seniors Light weights dumbbells fitness DVD is Good also for Easy Osteoporosis Exercises, Diabetes Exercises, Arthritis Exercises, Alzheimer’s Exercises DVD.
Sunshine is a Certified AARP Trainer by ACE, The American Council on Exercise.

Seniors Sitting Easy Light Weights (Dumbbells) Fitness DVD good also for Strength, Stopping Muscle Loss, Elderly, Physical Therapy and Rehab Exercises.

This Seniors Light Weights (Dumbbells) Fitness DVD has Exercises that are done Sitting with Gentle Slow Paced exercises. This Easy Sitting Light Weights Dumbbells exercise DVD is also Good for Summer & Winter indoor exercises.

This Light Weights (Dumbbells) Exercise DVD is Good also for Women, Over 50, Baby Boomers, Plus Size & Severally Obese and is good for Easy Weight Loss Exercises, Senior Elderly Recreation Exercises, Group Exercises, Senior Homes, Assisted living, Senior Day Care Centers, Senior Citizens Centers.

This Light weights exercise DVD has Gentle exercises that will give you Strength, Added Balance in just a few weeks, Stop bone loss density (osteoporosis), relieve arthritis pain, lower your cholesterol.
This DVD has upper body strengthening exercises for the Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back, Neck, Chest, Abdominal’s the Lower Back, Hips, Thighs, & Legs.

This DVD has Safe Non Impact, Non Aerobic and Effective Fitness Routine. Sunshine First demonstrates the exercise and then starts the set making it very easy to follow.
This Light Weights (Dumbbells) Sitting Exercises DVD has : A Gentle Warm Up, A Full Body (Slow Paced) Strength Exercise Routine, Cool Down with Stretching and Breathing exercises, and a Relaxation Segment with nature and soothing music.
This Easy Sitting Light weights /Dumbbell exercise DVD is also Good for Summer & Winter indoor exercises. In just a few weeks you will gain Strength, Flexibility, Joint Mobility and Added Balance with this Easy Light Weights (Dumbbells) Exercise and Fitness DVD.
This Senior / Elderly Light Weights (Dumbbells) Strength Exercises DVD will keep you Strong, Healthy & Independent.

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD