ARCHON Wall Mount Crossover Dual Cable Commercial Ball Bearing Cable Station | 17 Position Adjustable 180 Degree Pulleys | Home Gym Equipment | Cable Crossover Machine | Weight Machine

The ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Cross Over designed with our Dual Cable Station is the ultimate cable machine for those looking to bring the commercial gym home, but with including two separate cable stations for workout partners. With a carriage system constructed with Steel Ball Bearings that travel up solid steel rods, unlike competitors with plastic bushings and hollow rods that deteriorate and stick over time, our unit is built to last. Capable of carrying a whopping 250 LBS smoothly per carriage, you can use Standard 1″ plates or 2″ Olympic or Bumper Plates. 17 adjustable positions per side allow you or your clients to perform all your favorite workouts at home or the ability to train multiple clients at once in your commercial studio. More info from our engineer about ARCHON Steel Bearings and the engineering. “The benefit of solid steel chrome finished rods and linear steel ball bearings comes down to friction. Friction is the number one factor to look at when you are goal is a smooth transition and no added resistance. When it comes to the coefficient of friction chart metal on metal is the best way to go to keep your friction as low as possible. Solid steel rods are chosen because bearings would over time beat up and slowly deform steel tubing ( not a solid ). The chrome finish is to help lower the coefficient of friction even more. Choosing 2 linear steel ball bearings per rod helps keep a more uniform and larger surface area of contact between the rods and your plate carriage which is needed when loading with heavy weights. This also allows you to add more weight to one side of the carriage than the other and still experience the smooth glide.”

Product Features

  • x 4 Linear Ball Bearings Per Plate Carriage: Engineering that reduces friction on solid steel rods.
  • 180 Degree swivel pulleys. 17 Vertical positions providing bilateral and unilateral training.
  • Home gym set includes 4 commercial handles. Weight plate rack holds 1″ and 2″ Olympic Plates
  • Vertical upper and lower wall mount: Ability to mount to one stud. (Wood and Concrete Mounting Hardware Included)
  • Fitness Equipment for Home Gym: Connect your favorite cable machine attachments or purchase ARCHON Accessory Kits.