Egg Weights 6.0 lb Cardio Knockout Bundle – 2 Pairs of Hand Dumbbells: Includes 4.0 lb Knockout Set and a 2.0 lb Cardio Set. Handheld Free Weights for Kickboxing, Shadow Boxing, Yoga, and More

2 lb. set includes two 1 lb. weights. 3 lb. set includes two 1.5 lb. weights. 4 lb. set includes two 2 lb. weights. Egg Weights don’t get smelly or need to be washed after use like a stinky weighted glove that absorbs sweat. Simply clean with a wipe or hand towel and you are ready to go again. For fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, getting a good workout routine together is essential to maintaining your fitness levels. Many people have difficulty making time for an adequate workout routine that includes both cardio and resistance training. However, with Egg Weights, you can combine each of these elements into single exercises for greater convenience and better overall results from your workout, punching out results. These weights are a perfect way to take charge of your own cardio and weight training routines. Egg Weights are unique in size and shape, and they allow you to comfortably hold one in each hand during various cardio or stretching exercises. They are also made of more dense metal, so they weigh more without increasing in size. These weights have a plastic covering with a loop on top for your finger and bumps on the sides for easy gripping action. You won’t need to wrap anything around your hands or wrists. From CrossFit training, to yoga, to your morning walk with the dogs, take these weights along to maximize the effects of your workout. These weights are small enough to be used by male and female athletes alike. Our weights help you hone your strength and skills in various areas. By combining elements of cardio and light strength training, you can take a more tactical approach to your training with these workout accessories. Each set contains 2 portable weights and can easily fit into a carrier bag to make storage and transportation quick and easy. Change up your workout routine and take charge of your training by implementing these convenient hand weights into your daily exercise.

Product Features

  • INCLUDES 4.0 lb Knockout set for POWER and 2.0 Cardio set for SPEED
  • VARY YOUR TRAINING: While most exercises involve either cardio elements or weight training, you can put a new spin on things with these miniature hand weights. Combine both cardio and resistance training. Flex your creative muscles and use these during a kick or shadow boxing session, during yoga, or even while you walk the dogs to supercharge each workout.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: Egg Weights help to rebuild muscle mass from injury or illness. Whether you are suffering from a muscular degenerative disease like Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke or physical accident, Egg Weights work to rebuild muscle memory and strength with your body’s natural fluid motion. Additionally, our patented finger loop grips secure the weight to the hand during use so there is less risk of injury due to dropping the weights.
  • MAKE IT MOBILE: Unlike other free weights or a heavy weight ball that are difficult to take out of the gym or home exercise area, these small hand weights are a great way to incorporate resistance training into any exercise, from boxing, running, walking, or even CrossFit. Egg Weights work with your body’s natural running or walking gait and are small so people will hardly notice you are working out your upper body as you maximize your walk, run or hike.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE AND SHAPE: Egg Weights are made from dense metals that keep the weight small and compact within your hand. Each set includes 2 dense weights. Unlike traditional dumbbells that exceed the circumference of your hand or weighted gloves that get larger and bulky as they increase in weight, Egg Weights fit comfortably in the hand and do not impede natural fluid motion during exercise to keep up your muscle tone.