Eon Concepts Muscle Trainer Ultimate Abs Stimulator with 10 Extra Gel Pads & E-Book | EMS Abdominal Toning Belt for Men & Women | Arm & Leg Trainer | Portable Office, Home & Gym Fitness Equipments

Enjoy A Ripped Six-Pack With An Eon Concepts Muscle Stimulator Toner Machine!

The Only Toning Kit Your Abs Truly Need!

Fed up with endless …


✖ sit-ups?

✖ planks?

✖ squats?

✖ and lunges?

Sounds like a hard work right? What if, there was another way to speed up the muscle sculpting process without having to struggle so much?

Entering The Eon Concepts Muscle Toner!

Enjoy faster and long lasting results with this abs stimulator attached on your body!

Use These Abs Stimulator Pads While:

✓ commuting to work.

✓ running or jogging.

✓ washing the dishes.

✓ brushing your teeth.

✓ traveling or shopping.

✓ preparing lunch for your family.

✓ working out at the gym.

✓ watching TV or reading a book.

What are you waiting for?

Package Includes:

☆3 Piece Main Machine

☆1 Piece Instruction Manual

☆2 Piece Small Gel Pad

☆1 Piece Big Gel Pad

☆BONUS 10 Piece Gel Pads

Please note 6 AAA batteries are required and are not included in the package.

We work hard to find the best quality muscle toner in the market. Our muscle toners are manufactured from the best factories. If anytime you are not satisfied, we will offer you a no hassle returns refunds. It’s our promise to you. It’s that simple.

Important!! Please allow emails from Amazon for the E-Book to be sent to you. Thank you.

Product Features

  • ✔GET THE BEACH BODY OF YOUR DREAMS: Forget about starving to death diets. Forget about endless hours training at the local gym. Sculpt your body, lose excess weight, burn stubborn fat and complement your figure with the Eon Concepts wireless muscle toner machine. Tone, firm and slim your muscles effortlessly from this day on.
  • ✔SCORCH FAT WHILE DOING NOTHING: Our muscle stimulator and vibration machine is lightweight, compact and discreet. You can wear these slim pads underneath your clothes and continue with your day. Wear while running errands, watching your favorite TV shows, training at the gym, commuting to work or simply lounging at your couch.
  • ✔EACH DELUXE SLIMMING PACK INCLUDES: Manufactured in the best factories, the pack has everything you need to get started. Open it and discover 3 main toning machines, 2 small gel pads, 1 big gel pad and 10 BONUS gel pads! Made of high quality Polymer Hydrogel these pads are completely odorless, allergen free and safe for your skin. Feel safe and sound again.
  • ✔TONE EVERY SINGLE BODY MUSCLE: Thanks to its ergonomic design, this muscle stimulator toning kit can attach on your body and work any muscle imaginable. Ideal for your arms, chest, upper and lower abs, back, legs, butt, glutes, thighs, calves and waist area. Train, slim and tone your muscles in the comfort of your living room. Why not?
  • ✔ADJUST & CONTROL INTENSITY TO YOUR NEEDS: Combining an advanced EMS technology and an adjustable intensity, this abs stimulator machine is a keeper. It has 6 modes and 10 intensity levels so as to achieve the perfect muscle toning depending on your needs. Control and regulate the vibration and electric waves with just a button.