Exercise Resistance Bands, VORCSBINE Mini Workout Bands for Home Fitness, Pilates, Physical Therapy,Crossfit,Strength Training.(Set of 5)

Resistance Bands – 5 Loop workout Bands – Exercise Resistance Loop Bands – Exercise Bands For Legs And Butt.
Title:Vorcsbine exercise bands, loop bands, resistance bands, mini bands for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs.

These bands are designed specially for workout fit as follows:
Injury rehabilitation.
body shaping
physical therapy

Item Specification:
Material: natural latex.

Warranty Time:Life time warranty and 24 hour good service.

Product Features

  • High quality exercise bands: made of natural latex(ROHS,REACH,6P TEST),nontoxic and odor free.
  • Multifunction use: 5 pcs different strength resistance bands are fit from beginners to pros, user book guide more other muscle exercises for glute, leg,arm and so on.
  • Conprehensive use for loop bands: slide plank clams,plank jacks,fire hydrants, donkey kicks, clams,mini band glute bridge,bridge abductions, seated abductions, single leg glute bridge, straight leg kick back, straight leg lift, lying side raise, lying kick backs, side plank leg raise, monster walks, side shuffle, squat leg lift,squat external rotation, squat jacks,side step squats, lateral raises, kick backs, reverse hypers, seated clams, lying plank jacks, hip thrusters.
  • Useful workout:Vorcsbine workout bands are healthy for your arm muscle, leg muscle,hip muscle and stretching, powerweight program,injury recovery and so on.
  • Good service: we have professional customers service team can resolve your all problems during your use of our mini bands within 24 hours.