High Pulse Speed and Stamina Increasing Resistance Parachute for Kids and Adults by ideal for Agility Training, Speed Training | Speed Chute Essential for Athletic Training EXTRA LARGE 70 INCH

So you want to sprint faster, run lighter, and explode easier? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t train with inferior products, the game depends on you.

The high quality High Pulse Resistance Parachute will get you to the next level in your fitness and sports journey.
Made of durable polyester, complete with an adjustable waist strap all three sizes of the resistance parachute allow for the best performance workout.

No matter what type of field you’re training on, do it with style and purpose.

High Pulse provides a happiness guarantee, just contact us if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. Don’t wait for this to go out of stock- add to cart or 1-click checkout now!

Product Features

  • SPRINT FASTER, RUN LONGER – The added 15-35 lbs of drag from training with the running parachute prepares your body for more extreme conditions so that without the speed parachute your performance will be better
  • OVERSPEED TRAINING for EXPLOSIVE SPEED – Use the large resistance chute to achieve your highest fitness goals
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – Try our smaller 50 inch size youth speed chute, the 60 and 70 inch for larger, taller adults. All include an adjustable waist strap to make training a custom experience
  • FOR ALL SPORTS – Ideal for soccer training, football training, track and field, and more
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – Everything you need in a speed training chute, If the product received is not up to your standards, send us a message and we’ll make it right