Juvale 2 in 1 Elevation Ladder- Speed Agility Ladder with Carry Bag, Exercise Ladder, Soccer Ladder, Flat Rung, Speed and Agility Training for Sport Training, Fitness, Workout, 18.5 x 85 x 4 Inches

You won’t have to jump through hoops to get a good hurdle exercise anymore. With these plyometric speed hurdles, you can increase your training, strenghten your legs and change the way you jump whether you are a professional or simply training for a sports team. Easy to adjust and featuring a bright color, these are a great way to increase your jump height. The hurdles measure 16.5 x 7.75 x 1.25 inches when folded.

Product Features

  • ELEVATION LADDER: Improve your balance, agility, jump, speed and reflexes with the elevation ladder. You can also turn it into an agility ladders by clipping the rungs to the joint section. The distance between the rung is fixed and in equal distance.
  • HELPS STRENGTHEN CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Performing agility ladder drills can help improve the strength and resiliency of your connective tissue.
  • INTENSIFY YOUR TRAINING: Strengthen your ability and train your lower limbs. These 2 in 1 training ladder provides you a complete training plan, from speed, jumping to agility.
  • GREAT FOR ATHLETIC USE IN SCHOOLS & FOR SPORTS TEAMS: Easy to incorporate as part of an athletics class or training exercises for sports teams. The included carry bags allow you to store it and carry it arround for training before the big game!
  • DIMENSIONS: The ladder measures 18.5 x 85 x 4 Inches. The distance between each rung is fixed, 15.2 inches.