KamelKone Agility Training & Motorcycle Cones for Sports & Kids | Set of 12 Premium Green/Orange Plastic Cones, for Bikes, Traffic & Soccer (Green)

Product Features

  • SET OF 12 SMALL CONES WITH A RUBBER LIKE TEXTURE AND WEIGHT means your soccer cones will not fly away when the wind picks up like traditional disc cones.
  • COLLAPSIBLE CONES BUILT FOR CAUTION AND SAFETY, compress when stepped on to reduce risk of injury. Returns to original shape.
  • COMPACT, STACKABLE 2 INCH CONES will fit in any coach’s training equipment bag. Each cone measures 4 in W x 4 in L x 2 in H.
  • UV PROTECTED, BRIGHT ORANGE COLOR THAT IS FADE RESISTANT. Great for outdoor activities, and extremely capable indoors as well.
  • GREAT CONES TO PRACTICE YOUR SHORT GAME, but equally at home serving as toys for fun and play.