OCT-X PRO 12 Octagon 24″ Agility Rings / Agility Grid Training for Foot Speed, Vertical Jumping, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball / Exercise Ladder Training Set / Drill Guide & E-Book

More Power, Speed and Agility in Less Time with the OCT-X PRO

OCT-X PRO agility rings were developed by world-class athletic performance specialists to go beyond traditional footwork ladders and dramatically improve your dynamic agility through precise plyometric actions.

Your Kit Includes:

12 OCT-X PRO Rings 12 Connecting Clips 1 Vented Carrying Bag Training Guide and Digital E-Training Guide

Trainers and athletes say they use the OCT-X PRO for their bounding, jumping, and hopping exercise because it packs small and sets up fast.

Our uniquely shaped octagon agility rings let you assemble countless patterns to improve footwork, balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Plus, you can build your own custom agility grid, or use the OCT-X PRO rings separately for better deceleration, rapid change in direction, and reacceleration in a new direction (the trifecta of agility and first-step quickness).

Clip together two of our large over 23-inch agility hoops for adjustable-height hurdles that challenge different level athletes. Try them on plyometric drills, where leaping, bounding, and jumping on either one or two legs are required.

The innovative Plyogility training methods found in our TRAINING GUIDE & E-BOOK let you pair together agility and plyometric movements to help your athletes improve performance in less time, with proven results. Plyogility simultaneously improves foot speed, reaction time, power, strength, and stability—all the skills necessary for peak athletic performance in soccer, football, tennis, boxing, and more.


Product Features

  • BOOST AGILITY AND EXPLOSIVENESS: Unlike flat hex agility rings or traditional footwork ladders, our OCT-X PRO Rings give you close to 2-feet of hurdle height for explosive bounding and jumping movements, as well as adjustable plyometrics for all skill levels; Plus, our extra-large ring size gives athletes optimal landing areas for powerful and precise directional changes — or what we call ‘Plyogility’.
  • THE BETTER FOOTWORK TRAINING LADDER: With 12 octagonal agility rings in each set you’ll have the flexibility to combine and assemble countless, innovative agility grid patterns for near infinite agility ladder shapes – or keep them as separate agility rings to improve the footwork training ladder and coordination you need to win on game day.
  • DESIGNED WITH THE ATHLETE IN MIND: Coaches say our innovative octagon shape gives them more options than old hexo designs, and our industry-leading size allows athletes (even those with larger feet) to perform footwork agility ring drills without fear of slipping underneath or tripping. Plus, each agility hoop is built with ultra-durable polypropylene that shrugs off daily use and abuse
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE: Your OCT-X PRO exercise ladder set comes with a convenient, vented carrying bag and 12 easy-to-assemble rings. The 8-sided design and connecting clips allow for more patterns and hurdle set-ups than old Hexagon shapes. And, our bright neon orange rings were created for easy visibility on any training surface (both indoor or outdoor)
  • BONUS TRAINING GUIDE & E-BOOK: Designed by top athletic trainers, receive 25 Drill Training Guide + 25 E-Book bonus drills for Footwork, Agility, and Plyometric training you can quickly find the perfect drills for Soccer and Football agility, Baseball speed, as well as footwork for Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, and even Kids & Youth Fitness training. Plus, we stand behind our rings with our industry-leading 100% Satisfaction, 12-Month Warranty – so train hard, we’re here for you.