PHERAL FIT Hip Bands – Elastic Fabric Band – Booty & Glute Exercise Band + 3 Resistance Loops Included | Hip Thruster Loop for Legs – Hips – Thighs & Booty

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Product Features

  • ⭐ SUPERIOR OFFER – Hip Band + 3x Resistance Loops Bands (with 3 resistance levels) INCLUDED. We always love to offer more. With our Hip Band + the 3x Resistance Bands included, you can now train all the muscles in your body, even if you are a beginner or an expert. Our Hip Band is suitable for both men and women.
  • ⭐ ENHANCED PERFROMANCE – Looking for a more dynamic training? From Warming up your Body for Workout & Exercise to Hip and Glute Activation and Strengthening? The PHERAL FIT Hip Bands are ideal for you if you also like doing Squats or for Hip Abduction & Adduction, Hip Thrusts, Thigh Contractions, Leg Press, Hip Band Kick Backs, Walking (forward, side step), you name it!
  • ⭐ USE THEM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – Our Hip and Glute Bands are great if you are working out in a Gym but you can also use these Circle Bands easily at home or whenever you feel like working out. We are using high-quality thick and soft materials and we are confident that our Exercise Hip Bands will resist to all leg movements. The Hip Bands are also very comfortable and will not slip thanks to the non-slip inner design.
  • ⭐ MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS – The PHERAL FIT Exercise Hip and Glutes Bands are suitable for any type of workout from Fitness to Crossfit, Yoga, P90x or Beach Body and for athletes of all ages. You can easily improve the appearance of your legs, hips, glutes quads, & hamstrings by working with these Comfortable Resistance Hip Bands. Just give our Circle Bands a try and you will see!
  • ⭐ 6 MONTHS GUARANTEE – We sell Premium Workout & Exercise Hip and Glutes Bands that can withstand almost everything. We also like to admit when we are wrong and we LOVE to do our best to fix the problem. If you don’t absolutely love your Hip Bands, please reach out to us and just send them back within 6 months for a full refund. That’s right – no hassles with us!