QonQuill BodyWeight Fitness Training Kit | Resistance Straps Trainer for Full Body Strength| Multiple Anchoring Solutions with Easy Setup for Home, Gym & Outdoor Workouts


Package Includes:

● 2 x Adjustable Resistance Straps
● 1 x Door Anchor
● 1 x Extension Strap
● 1 x Drawstring Bag
● 1 x Exercise Book & Get Started Guide


● Resistance Straps Trainer is using your body weight and gravity to tone your entire body
● Exercising 15 minutes a day will help you burn fat, building a healthy body for an active lifestyle
● Builds up strength in the core area, which makes you more stable and powerful during other exercises
● Sculpt and tone your abs, arms, legs, upper body, shoulders, chest, back & butt
● Improves your yoga stretching, increase balance and helps you warm up properly for exercises


● Multiple anchoring solutions are all the resistance you need for a variety of total body exercises
● Workout Resistance Straps are build from high quality nylon and premium webbing
● Lightweight & Portable, when added in the drawstring bag, becomes an ideal equipment for travel

Tips for using:

● Use the GET STARTED GUIDE included, to see how to install all anchoring solution correctly
● The length of bodyweight trainer can be adjusted for different types of exercises
● Based on your body’s position you can increase or decrease the exercise difficulty
● Always apply equal pressure to both handles of the training straps
● Use the workout EXERCISE BOOKLET for a complete training program

Product Features

  • ✔ COMPLETE BODYWEIGHT TRAINING KIT: Resistance Straps Trainer BASIC Kit includes: 2 x Resistance Straps, 1 x Door Anchor, 1 x Extension Strap, 1 x Drawstring Bag, 1 x Exercise Book & Get Started Guide
  • ✔ MULTIPLE ANCHORING SOLUTIONS: Special new design comes with multiple anchoring solutions for a variety of total bodyweight exercises: 1) anchoring each exercise strap individually, 2) anchoring with the extension strap, 3) door anchoring using each strap individually, 4) anchoring the exercise straps using door anchor, 5) anchoring the exercise straps using a wall mount bracket (NOT included in the Basic Kit)
  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL HIGH-GRADE QUALITY: Built from Hi-Quality Nylon, comfortable & non-slip lay flat handles, no-rub cam bucklers, and upgraded webbing, sewing with strong seams, QonQuill Resistance Straps Trainer is able to stand up to the MOST RIGOROUS Home WORKOUTS supporting up to 400 lbs. That’s why your Resistance Trainer Kit comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • ✔ ULTIMATE BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT: Resistance Straps Trainer is a fitness straps with handles system that helps you perform over 300 exercises. ADJUSTABLE LENGTH allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty by changing your body’s position. Using your body weight and gravity will help you burn fat, BUILD CORE STRENGTH and tone your entire body, while also improves your YOGA STRETCHING for a proper exercise warm up
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Workout Straps can be easily added in the drawstring bag included and becomes an ideal fitness training equipment for travel. Can be quickly anchored using doorways, bars, pull up bars, rafters, beams, poles, hooks, outdoor park structures, tree limbs – anything you find that will take your weight