Resistance Bands Set – 11pcs Exercise Bands with Door Anchor, Ankle Straps and Handles – Workout Bands stackable up to 150 lbs – Resistance Bands for Home Workouts, Yoga, Pilates and Physical Therapy

Product Features

  • 11 PIECES PREMIUM RESISTANCE BANDS SET – High quality resistance band set includes 5 color coded resistance bands – Yellow(10lbs) , Green(20lbs), Red(30lbs), Blue(40lbs), Black(50lbs).All reistance bands are 55″ in length and stackable to create different weight combinations. In addition, includes two cushioned handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor and one waterproof carry bag.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND ANTI- SNAP TECHNOLOGY: Workout bands are designed and produced for our customers to enjoy their exercises safely and to train with them lifetime. In order to provide this level of service, workout bands are produced with highest quality of silicon so that our customer’s will not have any snap or damage on their workout bands.
  • YOUR GYM AT HOME & TRAVEL – Exercise bands are perfect equipment to perform a wide variety of exercises for strengthen upper body and lower body muscles. Exercise band set is very easy to setup, door anchor and ankle strap makes it even easier for training to be performed at any place. Using resistance bands with handles will tone your muscles and shape your body to an amazing beach body.
  • FOR EVERYBODY, BEGINNER TO ADVANCED – Resistance bands with handles are designed with stackable feature so you can stack multiple bands in order to create weight variety from 5lbs to 150lbs. You can easily adjust the intensity of the training for more effective workout. The variety of the weights and exercises will maximize your training, your results.
  • RISK FREE & LIFETIME GUARANTEE -Elastic bands for exercise is designed with perfection for you to have safe exercise and enjoy every single training. We trust our product quality and we assure 100% SATISFACTION so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase contact our customer service we will CHANGE it or REFUND it.