rooftree-Abs-Stimulator-Portable-EMS-Abdominal Training Device for Muscles Ab Trainer Fitness Equipment for Man and Women at Home, Office,Workouts Muscle Toner Fitness for Abdominal/Arm/Leg

Troubling for no time to Gym? Want to sculpt your body easily?

Rooftree Abs Stimulator is suit for Commuters, White collars and anyone who have no time to gym. Wireless and lightweight design would be perfect for you to carry anywhere. You can use it at home or in office, adjustable mode and intensity level can fit any part of your body. Easy to use, time-saving, portable and rechargeable. Rooftree Abs Stimulator will be the best assistant for body sculpting.


How to use?

1. Take out ab pad

2. Put one controller on it

3. Get the transparent plastic sheet off and keep it. After using the product, put the pad back onto the sheet

4. Stick it onto your body and adjust the mode and intensity level that you want



1. It will automatically turn off every 12 minutes. We suggest use it less than 30 minutes every day and use it in different part of body like arm and leg.

2. The gel could be used around 20-30 times depends on how you keep

3. Please don’t use this product if you cannot understand the manual.

4. Do not use together with other electronic products or beauty devices, it may cause discomfort.

Product Features

  • 【What’s for?】 Rooftree Abs stimulator can help to sculpt your body. Integrated smart chip great function adopt the EMS micro-electronic, AIC artificial intelligent chip and ICS smart control techniques helping to workout your muscles and lose fat comfortable at home.
  • 【Efficient Muscle Training】The perfect muscle training device have 6 stimulation modes 10 grades intensity.Adjusting suitable mode and intensity level for every part of body. Comfortable and feeling exercise.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】Rooftree Abs trainer is wireless and lightweight which suits for man and women with abdominal muscle exercise.Portable enough to carry anywhere.
  • 【Reusable】This EMS Abdominal Training Device has 3 controllers and 1 USB cord. It will takes around 1 hour to charge full and in the full power the lithium battery can lasts for 100 minutes. The gel can be used for about 20-30 times.
  • 【What You Get】Package inclouds 3*Controller 1*Ab pad 2* Arm/Leg pad 1 *User manual 1*USB cord. Please note that this abs stimulator will auto turn off after 12 min and only when you stick the gel pads to your body, can the controller start working. Non-human damage,we will exchange a new one within 3 months. Any problems,our customer support team is ready to address your issues.