Sunny Health & Fitness Roller Slide

Build and maintain muscle strength with the power of the No. 002 Fitness Roller Slide by Sunny Health and Fitness. Enhance your abs workout with this versatile machine allowing you a full range of motion. Hold onto the comfortable padded handles to ease hand fatigue and keep you motivated toward achieving your unique fitness goals. The ab machine is durable and will withstand your weight for those tough workouts. Constructed with four wheels, the core roller is smooth and assists in balance and stability as you propel yourself forward and back. The comfortable padded knee rest provides support for your knees during your abs exercise. The spring loaded slider will help you get to the outstretch position and guide you back with easy. This motion will help build and strengthen muscles in your core, arms, back and shoulders. The fitness roller is compact and ergonomic which is perfect for on the go fitness and easy storage. Start challenging your body with No.002 Fitness Roller with Pad by Sunny Health and Fitness.

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT CORE WORKOUT: The Ab Wheel requires your core muscles to work together to properly, resulting in optimal core and spine stability. The roller provides enhanced resistance then guides and assists you back in a fluid, controlled manner.
  • CORE STABILITY: Your spine maintains its optimal position when your ab muscles are well-balanced. Exercising with an ab wheel requires that your core muscles work together to properly execute the movement, resulting in optimal core stability.
  • FOR ALL FIT LEVELS: Beginner to advanced enthusiast can build core muscles progressively. Start from a kneeling position to learn the technique. Once you have mastered the movement, roll in different directions with knees up for a challenge.
  • COMFORT: Protect your knees with the foam kneepad (included) that will offer comfort and support. Padded hand grips will help minimize hand fatigue while maximizing your ab workout.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This durable abdominal roller is excellent for smoothly descending your body down and hoisting back up. Four ergonomic wheels provide a smooth motion maximizing core results and amplifying your workout.