The Human Trainer Abdominal Straps

The Human Trainer Ab Straps are specifically designed to allow you to concentrate on your abdominal and oblique muscles. The Ab Straps are made with durable, ergonomically-designed straps and padding to place your arms and elbows in. They have an extra large industrial-strength carabiner at the top to allow them to be easily attached and removed from the selected D-Rings on the Main Straps. When using Ab Straps, you can train your abdominals and core longer and harder since expending energy on holding onto handles is no longer necessary. In addition, the Ab Straps increase your range of motion for many other exercises.

Product Features

  • Target Your Abdominal and Oblique Muscles
  • Durable, Ergonomically-Designed Straps
  • Industrial Strength Carabiner
  • Easily Attached and Removed from D-Rings
  • Increased Range of Motion for Many Exercises