Beurer Abdominal Muscle EMS Belt, Muscle Stimulator and Trainer, Electronic Muscle Toning and Waist Training, Portable, Effective Flat Stomach Workout, 5 Programs, Fitness for Men and Women, EM37

Abdominal toning in the comfort of your own home made possible with the Beurer EM37. 
The Beurer EM37 Abdominal Muscle EMS Belt stimulates the front and lateral abdominal muscles, where you want and when you want. The flexible and ergonomic belt is a muscle trainer which works with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The muscle stimulator by Beurer generates gentle and safe electrical impulses, which are transmitted to the muscle through skin contact. Similar to natural activation by nerve impulses, when the abdominal belt is used, the muscle fibers contract and relax again. With 4 durable water contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material – which means no additional purchase(s) of replacement electrodes, and gels are necessary. 
The EM37 Abdominal Toner and Stimulator is programmed with 5 training programs for you to choose from. In addition to those training programs, you can select from 0-40 adjustable intensity levels, for maximum comfort and training. The EM37 includes an extension strap and fits a waist circumference of 28-55 inches (including the extension strap). 
As an aid to your workout, an abdominal belt helps to enhance and complement your training efforts, to achieve desired results. Electircal muscle stimulation has been used for many years in the sports and fitness industry for muscle training to achieve real results. 
The device can be used for:- Muscle definition- Muscle and skin tightening- Muscle relaxation- Rehabilitation

Product Features

  • ABDOMINAL MUSCLE BELT: The Beurer EM37 features a flexible ergonomic shape for ab toning. Utilizing electrical muscle stimulation with 4 water contact electrodes for the ultimate training device.
  • HOW IT WORKS: The trainer works with electrical muscle stimulation & generates gentle electrical impulses, which are transmitted to the muscles – when in use, the muscle fibers contract & relax again.
  • RECOVERY: The EMS stimulation provided by our toning belt can help with the regeneration and the relaxation of the abdominal muscles. The EM37 has 5 training programs and adjustable intensity levels.
  • WATER CONTACT ELECTRODES: The belt includes 4 water contact electrodes, which are reusable. This means that no contact gel or replacement electrodes are necessary, cutting down on recurring costs.
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: Adjustable intensity of 0-40 for maximum comfort & toning, with 5 training programs. Training memory function for continuous training control; includes extension & batteries.
  • SIZING: The EM37 includes a belt extension & fits a waist circumference of 28-55 inches (with the extension). The belt has a removable control unit with an LCD display, which provides training status.
  • WE’RE HERE FOR YOU: Our friendly Florida based team is happy to assist you with whatever questions and support you may need. That’s right, our customer service is located right here in the USA!