Boxing Reflex Ball Headband – Workout Gym Equipment for Speed and Reaction Training – Improvement with Hand Eye Coordination / Punching Accuracy / Softer Than Tennis Balls- Designed by Womo Sports

Do you want the best reflex boxing ball on the market today? Look no further than Womo Sports to give you the boxing headband currently being sold.

Our reflex ball is designed with the highest quality product so you can feel confident while you are training! It is simple to use! Just place the headband around your head and get to working on your hand eye coordination, speed, endurance, and accuracy!

✓We have the highest quality material!

✓Practice anywhere! Great for the time between your visits to the gym!

✓ Made for ALL people. Men, women, and children! Many people are worried that these products won’t do what they are supposed to do. We guarantee our boxing reflex ball will help you become the boxer you always dreamed you would be! Our product helps with all the skills you need to be just that.

Womo Sports is a U.S.A. based company run by Americans. We stand by our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will send you a replacement.

No. Questions. Asked.

Product Features

  • IMPROVE SKILLS! Our headbands are designed to help you become the boxer you have always dreamed of being! Practice ALL your boxing techniques using our exercise equipment! Work on your hand eye coordination, eyes coordination, combat skills, accuracy, and speed. The advantage of our boxing ball being portable is that you don’t have to wait for next gym visit to practice your skills. We have made it easier for you to practice anytime and anywhere!
  • EASY TO USE! Anyone can use our reflex ball as a trainer! It is extremely easy to use as workout equipment in your home when you can’t get to the gym to train! It’s easy to use if you are a beginner or if you have years of experience as a boxer! Simply place the black headband and ball around your head and practice your speed and accuracy with the exercise ball. We guarantee you will find our reflex ball user friendly.
  • WORK OUT ANYWHERE! It’s not always convenient to get to the gym! We get that! That’s why we designed our workout headbands to be easy to use when you want to train but can’t leave your house or office. You can use our boxing equipment anywhere! Work on your boxing accuracy and eye training in the comfort of your home for a quick eye improvement training. Let us help you make your life easier!
  • SAFE TO USE! Most of our competitors are selling extremely low quality products that are cheaply made. Their customers have complained that they are being injured when the string breaks. Our fitness equipment has been stress tested by many trainers! You can work on your coordination training and not have to worry about being injured by the training headband. Train your hands to be better while you fight, punch, and jab!
  • U.S.A. Design and Testing: While our products are manufactured overseas (let’s be honest, what isn’t these days..) ALL of our DESIGN AND TESTING was done right here in the United States. Our USA customer service team stands by to provide you with exceptional, lightning quick responses to your every concern. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.