Daily Delux New Generation English Version Capsule Holder with Improved Tamper, 100 Holes Tray for Capsules, Filling Tools (Blue #00)


Thinking of making your own supplement in #00 capsules, you have come to the right product! 


EASY TO USE: All you need is our Capsule Holder filling tools, fit perfectly for your 00 capsules. COST EFFECTIVE: Easily save 5 times the cost $$$ by making your own supplement capsules!  SAVE TIME: Make 100 size 00 capsules at a time, 100 capsules in just five-ten minutes!  UNDERSTAND YOUR INTAKE: Knowing exactly what you are putting in your own capsules, no worrying of any unknown substances.  SMALL SIZE: Portable and easy to store. 

Made for the US market, all parts are labeled in English for your easy referencing, with clear English instructions with photo illustrations manual and video link for demonstration.

Capsule Holder available for capsule of size #0 or #00, order according to your capsule size.

Made of high quality ABS plastic. Durable and compact. You may even bring along for travel. 

 Items in the package:

Tamper (Improved version) Frame plate Spill plate  Comb/spreader Capping plate Middle plate Body Plate FREE travel pill box & screwdriver.


Start today by making your own supplements and healthy living! Product quality and your satisfaction ASSURED! 

ADD TO CART and ORDER today! 


Product Features

  • QUICK AND EASY WAY to start making your own #00 herb capsule! Suitable for home use with our Capsule holder plate. You become the maker of your own supplements, customized to your own need. Make 100 at a time in one go!!
  • LATEST GENERATION CAPSULE HOLDER, with spill plate for precision guided filling and minimize wastage and messiness and improved tamper pegs, perfect fitting for 00 empty Capsules.
  • WITH CLEAR INSTRUCTION MANUAL & VIDEO QR LINK, ALL machine parts are labeled in English, and comes with an English step by step instructions with photos illustration. Anyone can learn to use this in 5 minutes.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY making your own herb and supplements. Best of all, you are the master in what you put in your supplement. Get the exact health benefits you are looking for in your own capsules.
  • WARNING: DO NOT wash with dishwasher as high heat may cause warping.