Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Fitness Ball with Imprinted Exercise and Training eBook (Black/75 cm)


First used by celebrity fitness trainers over 3 decades ago, fitness balls (also known as exercise balls, stability balls, Swiss balls and yoga balls) are now used in all leading gyms and health clubs.

And today, they are quickly becoming the “must have” piece of fitness equipment for the home as well.

Whether you are new to fitness training, or you’re a seasoned athlete, the exercise ball will enhance your workouts and give you maximum results. Use it to stretch, improve flexibility and balance, tone your body, strengthen your core, and condition your upper body and legs. The benefits are endless and they’re fun to use too. So whether it’s for Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Swiss exercises, strength and conditioning, to tone and lose weight, or just to get fit, you can’t go pass the fitness ball.

What’s more? When you’re not working out, use the fitness ball as a chair. Studies have shown that sitting on the stability ball for work or study improves focus and concentration and it continues to work your core for stronger and more chiselled abs.

But not all exercise balls are created equal. The Active Balance fitness ball from Epitomie Fitness is NUMBER 1 RATED ball in the market today:

– It’s the only ball that has exercises printed on the ball itself for convenient reference.
– Made from gym grade anti-burst polymers, the ball is tough, durable and safe. We’ve even run a car over it (see photo above).
– The materials used are non-toxic, phthalates free, slip resistant and easy to clean.
– The ball comes packaged with all accessories including a hand pump, 2 air plugs, plug remover and a training eBook

So it’s time to take your fitness to the next level. Select a color, and make sure you choose the right size (check the size chart provided in the images above). Then add to cart!

Product Features

  • EXERCISES PRINTED ON THE BALL – 10 of the most popular exercises for using a fitness ball are printed on the ball including core, upper body and leg stability and balance techniques. Learn how to use the exercise ball and employ proper form to get maximum results.
  • FITNESS & CORE WORKOUT EBOOK INCLUDED – This stability ball comes with a FREE eBook titled “Strong Body & Strong Core” which contains a range of over 30 exercises. It also includes a recommended workout routine to take your workouts to the next level. Instructions on how to download the training guide is provided in the package and via email.
  • THE COMPLETE KIT – In addition to the training eBook, this balance ball package comes with all accessories including an easy to use hand pump, 2 air plugs and an air plug remover. The complete kit is packaged in a high quality box for protection and gifting. No other stability ball in the market offers such a complete package.
  • GYM GRADE GUARANTEED ANTI-BURST – The Active Balance fitness ball has been rated to hold over 2000lbs. We’ve even run a car over it (see photos) and the anti-burst technology has held up well. We’re so confident we’ve used the best materials and construction that we back it with a lifetime 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • GET STRONG TO THE CORE – There is no other fitness tool that provides more. Relax muscles, remove tension and increase tone throughout your body. Increase flexibility and strengthen all major muscle groups. Enhance your coordination and balance. Sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs. Even use it as a chair!