F.Life Aerial Pilates Flying Yoga Hammock 5 Yards with yoga accessories and guide For bodybuilding Home Use (Sky Blue)

What Kind Of Fabric Is The Hammock?
The Aerial Yoga hammock is made of 5 meters of 40-denier Nylon Tricot fabric, which is the same type of fabric used in Cirque du Soleil performances.
40-Denier Nylon Tricot is a two-way stretch, so the fabric has a low to no stretch.when it is banded together like a swing, and when you cocoon inside the hammock
the fabric gives just enough so that it feels comfortable for the body and skin.

Does This Come Pre Knotted On The Carbine?
No, it does not become pre-knotted. Our aerial yoga hammock kit include Knot tying guide – step-by-step instructions on making set-up safe and easy to follow.

Is This Stretchy Material? Can Be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully In It?
Yes, the fabric does have give, it is a stretchy fabric. It is not like the parachute type of material used often on other yoga style swings.

Can The Daisy Loops Wrap Around An Expose Beam To Hang The Swing Without Drilling Into The Beam?
Yes, you can! The daisy chains are very strong and are able to be used like that. We often recommend that you use the unlooped end of the daisy chain and place it
through another loop after it is wrapped around the beam or pole. As you lay on the swing
it will cause tension on the loop formed around the beam/pole and hold you in place.

How Wide Should I To Hang The Swing From?
Shoulder distance is probably the safest and most supportive .

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Product Features

  • Yoga Fabric-5.5 Yards (5 meters) x 108 inches of Premium, Soft, Durable, Low-stretch Tricot fabric. The highest in strength, performance, and shimmery beauty
  • This aerial yoga set includes what you will need to fly at home or the studio : 1 x Elastic aerial hammock , 2 x Steel Screw-lock Carabiners, 2 x 10ft Nylon Reinforced Daisy Chains for adjusting to your ceiling height . 2 suspension strap trainer mount anchor for ceiling & wall installation
  • Purchasing a Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock kit is the easiest way to get started on your Aerial Yoga journey and a fun way to explore Aerial Yoga.The fabric we sell is also what we use for classes and performances.
  • Our aerial yoga hammock kit include Knot tying guide – step-by-step instructions on making set-up safe and easy to follow
  • we have many beautiful color and aerial yoga equipment in different listing please find in our F.Life store , but if you don’t see the color you are looking for, fell free to contact us .we will reply within 8 hours.