Heat Sealed in Safety Bag – VuVatech.com Smooth Lightweight Plastic Set of Five Sealed with Instructions and Pouch – Waterproof – Made in The USA

**Shipped from our facility in heat sealed bags for the safety of our customers**. Smooth Lightweight Plastic – Waterproof- Fast Free Shipping. Hygienically Sealed in a Heat Sealed Bag. Made in the USA Set of five including directions and travel pouch. Made in the USA. Sizes: Size 1: Width: .5 Inches Length 2.25 Inches Circumference 1.57 Inches Size 2: Width: .75 Inches Length 3.5 Inches Circumference 2.36 Inches Size 3: Width: 1 Inches Length 4.5 Inches Circumference 3.14 Inches Size 4: Width: 1.25 Inches Length 5.5 Inches Circumference 3.93 Inches Size 5: Width: 1.5 Inches Length 6.25 Inches Circumference 4.71 Inches. This set contains no neodymium magnets.

Product Features

  • **Shipped from our facility and in a heat sealed bag for the safety of our customers** Set of Five Plastic High Quality Silky Smooth Lightweight Sturdy Plastic – Tapered Tip for easy insertion
  • Plastic – Does not Bend – Non Magnetic & Sealed to be Waterproof – Comes with Bonus Mesh Travel Pouch and Slippery Stuff Lubricant
  • Discreet – Product is pre-packaged in hygienic bag to ensure absolute safety. Shipped in plain box with discreet business name.
  • Made in the United States – Safe