Supreme Toning Tower EXTRA DVDs PACKAGE | All in 1 Pilates and Barre Reformer for Your Home | Tone Arms, Legs, and Core | Fully Assembled Light-Weight Steel Frame | Includes DVDs and Online Workouts

The barre is set at the internationally recognized height for ballet training & exercise. Heavy gauge steel makes the Barre extremely stable while uni-tower construction keeps it light and easy to maneuver. The Resistance Coils really come in handy when you want to bust out with a cardio routine for your legs. You can alternate legs or work them together. Use the Pilates Swing-thru Bar and get the ultimate ab workout that’s guaranteed to have you on the way to a more fit & healthier you! If your upper body is the focus, we got you covered! Just use the Sculpting Bar and target your upper body with ease. Together with the resistance coils, it offers you a no-impact workout.

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMER. The Supreme Toning Tower is a combination of Pilates Cadillac Trap Table, Barre and overall body trainer in one piece of exercise equipment for your home.
  • DELUXE EXTRA DVDs PACKAGE includes 3 extra DVDs, Barre positioning ball, Cardio Twist Disk
  • COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED and folds for easy storage. High Quality Steel Frame w/Luxurious Wood Barre. Light-weight but sturdy.
  • TONE your arms, legs, and core with one machine. DVDs and online instruction so you’ll never get bored.
  • DON’T WASTE TIME going to the gym or Pilates or Barre studio. Get a great workout in the comfort and convenience of your home.