Incline Fit Base & Pump 55/65/75cm Anti-Burst Exercise Ball for Balance/Stability/Yoga/Pilates, Blue Sky

Incline Fit exercise ball with ball base is the first of its kind. Instead of purchasing an exercise ball independently of a ball base for the same price, we’ve grouped these two items together for your convenience. In addition to making the marketplace experience nearly effortless, we’ve improved upon our exercise ball. Not only is it made out of an extra thick material to prevent popping and to stay inflated, but it is also equipped with small massage dots. Our goal is to encourage exercise by making working out more comfortable and thus more accessible. The hard but lightweight plastic base makes an effective stand for your exercise ball whether or not you’re using it. With a ball base, you can exercise your core muscles, including ABS, back, gluts, hips, and arms, more effectively because the ball won’t slip away from under you. When you are not using your exercise ball, it will stay put on the base until you choose otherwise. Gone are the days of loose plastic exercise balls Rolling around your apartment, adhering to the walls, and removing paint that’s stuck to the ball. This set also includes a hand pump and two additional plugs for your exercise ball. Stay fit, stay healthy.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic: incorporate an anti-burst exercise ball in your daily life to help fix your posture and strengthen your core, back, and muscles while accomplishing tasks at home, the office, or the gym
  • What’s included: not only Do you receive an extra thick anti-slip yoga ball with massage dots, but included are a hand pump, a 4-piece ball stand, a plug puller, two plugs, and a workout book
  • Different uses: enhance your work out routines, utilize as an alternative to an office desk chair to improve your balance, or Use as a pregnancy ball to relieve discomfort. Ideal in yoga or Pilates
  • Resistance band friendly: fitness ball holder includes resistance band holes for resistance/exercise bands Use, increasing the number of possible workouts
  • Safety: Do not Use Swiss ball while it is in or on stability ball base on slippery surface, such as wooden floors or tiles, especially if you are using it as pregnancy ball for birthing exercises