LerzureSports Exercise Bands Resistance, Workout Bands, Resistance Bands for Legs, Workout Resistance Bands, Loop Bands, Spike Ball, Foot Massage Ball,Self Massager, Hypersphere Massage Ball

*Perfect for physical therapy rehabilitation, weight loss, Yoga, Pilates and stretching, muscle toning and strengthening. *Target shoulders, thighs, and glutes. *Use as ankle resistance bands, knees resistance bands, legs resistance bands, wrists and thighs. *They are also Cost Effective as you simply switch to a higher resistance or perhaps combine a few loop bands for an additional degree of difficulty. * With more than 200 pressure points these spiky rollers can be used as footballs, plantar fasciitis balls, back rollers, neck, shoulder and hand massagers to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, increase body awareness as well as aid in rehabilitation and injury prevention. These playful massagers are perfect for small areas and knots. *Your complimentary spiky massage ball is perfect for a brief break at work. Just use it to increase blood flow or perhaps gently use it as a roller football. *Spiky Balls can reduce pain and improve range of motion through specific muscles and subsequently improve joint movement. These easy-to-carry balls can be applied virtually everywhere. MEASUREMENTS: Yellow Band – Ultra-Light – 20″x2″, 0.35mm thick, Resistance 3-7 lbs Blue – Light – 20″ x 2 “, 0.5mm thick, Resistance 6-10 lbs Green – Medium – 20 x 2″, 0.65mm thick, Resistance 10 – 15 lbs Red – 20″ x 2″, 0.96mm thick, Resistance 14 – 18 lbs Black – 20″ x 2”, 1.1mm thick, Resistance 16 20 lbs

Product Features

  • Post Injury Recovery
  • Soothes Over-used muscles
  • Sore Muscle Relief
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Great for routine exercise such as Pilates, and Yoga.