Lucco Training Agility ladder, Sport Speed Agility Ladder with Quick Lock Adjustable Flat Rungs Agility Ladder For Soccer,Football Training Equipment Drills-Orange

Durable and Stable Agility Ladder – Football Training Equipment

Made of 4 fixed nails and durable fastenings, this Agility ladder can prevent blowing away .When the wind was so strong,you can benefit from it.
The fastenings play a role in fixing the ladder and jointing more than two ladders to increase the length.
It is perfect for many athlete train agility , warm-ups,cool-downs,soccer,football,baseball,basketball drills,hockey,lacrosse,tennis, badminton, rugby, and more.

The effect of the training ladder

Enhance your endurance, quickness, agility and harmony.Keep balance which brings your core muscles into play.
This training ladder not just improves the coordination between the different set of muscles but also prevent injuries in them during movements like walking or running.
Build your body over time and develop your strength, agility, and health.Regular training agility ladder exercises will make you healthy,stay body alert and maintain fit.
Train with the agility ladder and quickly improve your acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction while enhancing balance, rhythm and body control.

You can exercise wherever you are

Speed agility ladder itself is lightweight and easily set up with a pair of fastenings at each end so you can attach it to an anchor point indoors or outside.
Perfect item for training needs.It¡¯s easy to think of ways to use ladders and smash out a great workout

Training Methods:

One-foot ,Straddle hop ,Hopscotch,In-out,Lateral feet,Forward hop,Tango,Push ups and so on

Product Parameters:

Material: co-polymer material
Rung color:green/yellow/orange
Total nylon woven sack length: 4m

Package Included:

1x Adjustable 8-rung flat plastic ladder
1x Bag
4xDurable nails

Product Features

  • Premium Material: The agility ladder is made from 8 adjustable rungs of premium quality impact co-polymer plastic. Don’t break when folded in half the ladder. The strip can be easily bent to 180 degrees without any breakage. The great quality nylon woven sack can be still flat after many times folding
  • Nails &Fastenings Design: Fasten the agility ladder to ground with nails , without risk of it blowing off.The nails are rust-proof to sustain all weather conditions.Joint more than two ladders to increase the length, let more men to be in the training sports.The top of the rope get the elastic function that is easy to stretch the length
  • Optimal Training: Speed agility ladder can train your agility,strengthen muscles,keep balance ,reduce the injury in sports,maximize your speed and agility performance , inspire confidence to push acceleration and master complex routines
  • Various Application: Perfect for enhancing speed, coordination, functional core strength , dynamic flexibility and body awareness. Easy to adapt to sport specific footwork movements,coordination training of all sports like basketball , football , track and field, baseball , lacrosse, field hockey
  • Easy to Carry: Just unfold and start your workout!Folds up easily secured by elastic bands provided. Save valuable time on set up and breakdown of your sessions