Max4out Hexagonal Speed Agility Training Rings Set of 6 Rings Sport Equipment Training Ladder Set

Quickness Training
Every sport from racket sports like squash, tennis and badminton to team sports such as rugby, basketball, football, volleyball and hockey requires some kind of agility. Also, Martial Arts like Judo, Karate, Taekwondo all ask you to move fast, change direction quickly while keeping your balance, strength and body control.


Strengthen joints, ligaments and tendons to help reduce chances of injury.
Increase your speed, strength and agility.
Improve balance, focus on mind and body coordination.

Product Features

  • 【PERFORMANCE MEETS VERSATILITY】 Introduce a touch of versatility to speed and agility training with hexagon footwork rings. These 20.6″ inner diameter training hexagons can be used as regular rings, attached together to create hurdles, or arranged to form a hexagon ladder.
  • 【BETTER ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE】 Ideal for athletic training, football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, badminton, rugby to increase acceleration, leg strength, and speed, core skills, balance, rhythm, and body control.
  • 【IMPROVE YOUR AGILITY】Max4out agility speed rings is training your body to do bilateral movements which improves your speed, balance and ability to explode towards any angles.
  • 【SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE】Our hexagon ring set comes with connector clips that are designed to click into place much easier than others. Switch between training drills that much faster with the most innovatively crafted hexagonal agility rings.
  • 【QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE】If there are any question, feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.