On The Ball: Yoga Workout For Beginners

Transform your body and your mind with this innovative and highly effective approach to getting and staying in great shape. A fusion of the ultimate mind/body practice of yoga and ball work, this practice will give you the flexibility and strength that result from yoga and the core stabilizing and balancing qualities that result from working with the stability ball.

For beginners as well as seasoned fitness practitioners, this program is designed to get and keep you working at the level that is appropriate for you. Instructor Sara Ivanhoe takes special care to provide modifications along with detailed instruction to make this program safe, fun and challenging for every body.

How On The Ball Yoga will benefit you:

– Strengthen and tone the entire body
– Center awareness and improve mind/body balance
– Increase flexibility

Special Features:

– Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
– Interactive Full Motion Menus
– Chapter Selections