SPORTMAO Abs Trainer Replacement Gel Sheet Abdominal Toning Belt Muscle Toner Ab Trainer Accessories 40pcs Gel Sheets for Gel Pad(2pcs/Packs, 20packs/Box

Gel sheets are consumables.You need to replace it regularly



1.These gel sheets are for EMS 6 Pack Abs Trainer and EMS 8 Pack Abs Trainer.

2.Gel Pads Replacement for all SPORTMAO Abdominal Toning Belt, EMS AB Trainer, Waist Trimmer Belt, ABS Toner Body Muscle Trainer,ABS .


Replace with a new sheet at the following times:

1.When it loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface(gel)dries out or is gouged or dirt/grime that cannot be removed exists.

2.Obviously feel the conduction performance decreased,cause decreased strength.


How to use?

The side attached to the white paper should be attached to the gel pad.The side attached to transparent film should be attached to the skin.


How to maintain gel pads?

1.Please apply a few water-drop with your fingertip,wipe the surface of the gel pad adhesive surface slightly to clean dirt.

2.Drain the gel pad fully,then place it in a well-ventilated place to let it air-dry with the adhesive surface side up.

3.Dry it thoroughly until there is no moisture on the surface,then attach it back to the leather pad.


Package includes:

20 packs gel pads(40pcs)


Product Features

  • 【What’s it for?】 — 40pcs Gel Sheets Pads Replacement for all Abdominal Toning Gel Padt, EMS AB Trainer, Waist Trimmer Belt, ABS Toner Body Muscle Trainer.
  • 【What’s the size?】 This Gel Sheets Pad — Length:2.4in, Width:1.6in, Thick :0.032in.
  • 【How long can the gel sheets last?】 This Gel Sheets Pad — About 35 times, if you use and maintain them it the right way.
  • 【How to maintain them in a right way?】 — Clean/dry your skin before using; Stick them back to the cardboard after using this Gel Sheets Pad
  • 【What will you get ?】– 20 packs gel sheets(40pcs gel sheets).