The Pilates Arm Chair: The 42 most effective exercises (The Pilates Equipment Book 2)

This Pilates Arm Chair manual is recommended by the German Pilates Association. The Pilates Arm Chair is a rather rare piece of Pilates equipment, only to be found in few, especially well equipped Pilates studios. Due to this circumstance, written knowledge about the Arm Chair is also rare to come across. With this training manual, Reiner Grootenhuis is now publishing the first worldwide publicly available reference book for the Pilates Arm Chair. The Pilates Arm Chair is especially suitable to tackle shoulder and neck problems, as many of the exercises cover these areas. It is also well fit for training with people with weaker arm, shoulder or chest muscles as well as elderly persons. Almost all of the Arm Chair exercises can be adapted to the Cadillac or Tower with the help of a box or even easier by using a chair and a Thera-Band ®. This makes the manual flexible to use also on these pieces of equipment. The book is directed at both Pilates trainers and practitioners, who have performed the Pilates method for some time already and would now like to familiarize themselves with the Arm Chair. The manual covers 42 Arm Chair exercises. Each exercise is precisely described on an individual page and visualized in 3 easy-to-follow steps with large, professional photos. Consequently, the manual is fit to both learn the exercises for the first time as well as deepen your knowledge about each one. Due to its format, it is also invaluable as an easy-to-use reference guide for your daily work at the studio.