The Step Bundle – Home Gym Workout System for Core, Strength, Stability, and Resistance Training

The Step Bundle is the highest valued fitness bundle on the market today. Including the Step, one of the only pieces of workout equipment offering the versatility of both cardio and full body strength training, three flat bands for resistance training, two 3-pound dumbbells for added weight training and a stability ball for core workouts, the Step Bundle provides everything you need for a different workout every day of the week. Whether you need workouts for stability, resistance, cardio or recovery, the Step bundle is the ultimate fitness tool. Bullet feature 3 (optional) : Set of three flat bands – .35mm, .5mm and .6mm – for resistance training

Product Features

  • Step offers ample workout options – perfect for both cardio and strength training
  • 3-pound dumbbells add intensity and upper body strength training
  • Set of three flat bands – .35mm, .5mm and .6mm – for resistance training
  • 65mm stability ball displays various workout moves for core strength and balance
  • Allows for different workouts every day of the week