Pro Footwork Agility Ladder and Hurdle Training Set by Bundle Includes 5 Adjustable Speed Hurdles (6″, 9″, 12″) (Fuchsia)

“Train insane or remain the same”. Use professional training equipment for your off-season speed and agility drills. Speed training equipment is an essential off-season activity for every serious athlete. Developing good agility can improve performance in basketball, football, tennis, soccer, etc. Best of all, the Pro Footwork training set is designed for no tangle storage. Keeping your agility ladder and speed hurdle set ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Product Features

  • SPEED DRILLS — Agility hurdles strenthen the althetes lateral high step. The Pro Footwork Speed Hurdle can be adjusted to various heights (i.e. 6′, 9′ and 12′). Folds together for easy storage.