Wallniture Wall Mount Yoga Mat Foam Roller and Towel Rack Holder for Your Fitness Class or Home Gym, Wrought Iron, 3-Sectional, 16 Inch, White

You No Longer Need Extra Space for Your Yoga Mat or Towel, keep Them Within Reach to Easily Grab…

Endless Possibilities: The wall rack is amazingly organizational for small space bathrooms or apartments without a spare closet, you will no longer get frustrated when everything is hard to find, disorganized and cluttered.
Does the Job Perfectly:The 3-sectional set of 2 racks are great for displaying and storing your yoga mats, small size foam rollers, liquor bottles or bathroom towels the quality iron will hold your heavy, bulky or large size items without worrying a bit that it can fall and break.
Marvelous Gift Idea:The wall mountable iron rack makes the perfect gift for a housewarming or Christmas. Make someone special happy or decorate a fitness room or a guest bathroom with a classy, timeless piece to store yoga mats, towels or wine bottles.

Material: 8.5mm Wrought Iron
Color: White
Rack Dimensions: 16″ x 6″ Width 5 1/2″

What is in the Package:
1 8.5mm 16″ Wrought Iron Wall Mountable Rack with Mounting Hardware Included.

Product Features

  • Solid Construction: The rustic home decor vertical mat holder rack is made of 8.5mm wrought iron built to last you years to come, it is rust-proof to protect your yoga mats and towels from any marks or stains, use it in your fitness area with ease. With wider space you can even fit your towels. Wall mounting hardware is included for your convenience
  • No More Hassle: You no longer should stack yoga mat in your closet and create a mess each time you need to reach for it, you can roll it up and store even with your towel together.
  • Multi-Purpose: The wall mountable industrial cast iron holder, triple rack is also great for storing small size foam rollers, bathroom towels, wine or liquor bottles, beautifully display them for a fraction of the cost
  • Within Reach: The width of each section is large enough to even fit bath or beach towels, roll it up and keep it within reach while creating extra storage space in your bathroom. Give your guests the convenience of easily grabbing a towel after taking a shower
  • Nifty Display: You can add color and decoration to your bathroom with your luxurious and colorful towels. The wall rack is perfect for storing bath or hand towels, when rolled up it looks decorative and beautiful on your wall