ZYK Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser, Easy Use,Home Living Room Automatic Foot Cover Box Intelligent Office Laminating Machine Stepping Shoe Cover Machine

No longer do you, your staff and your visitors need to remove shoes or waste time having to bend-over to put on shoe covers. This automatic shoe cover dispenser will quickly and efficiently cover the shoes of all your workers and guests so you can spend more time doing productive business activities.


1. Keep the floor clean and save the trouble of cleaning and taking off your shoes.

2. Environmental protection, you can quickly change the shoe cover in a few seconds

3. Almost adapt to any size of shoes

4. No need for power supply, automatic overshoes, easy to use

5. For a wide range of occasions, you can use it anywhere you want, home/kitchen/hospital/office/factory/company, etc.


Shell material: other

Packing volume: 60*20*30CM

Shoe cover capacity: Two rolls of original shoe film (about 1000 times)

Weight: 3KG

How to Use automatic shoe cover dispenser: With your shoes on, you “step in and step out”, a disposable shoe cover is automatically mounted covering your

Product Features

  • MATERIAL: PP environmental engineering plastic material, one-time injection molding, increase product’s solidity, anti-pressure, anti-aging, wear-resistant, environmental protection
  • ACCURATE AND EASY TO INSTALL: After tens of thousands of experimental drag-and-shoes, the output rate is more accurate than that of the general shoe cover
  • FASHIONABLE AIRFLOW LINE SHAPE: While practical, it also highlights the importance of its aesthetics, and makes home life more tasteful
  • No need to use electricity, just a few seconds, you can easily coat your soles with a film. When you don’t need it, just leave the film, environmentally friendly and healthy
  • Scope of application: Whether it is living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, shopping mall, organization event venue, etc., this automatic shoe-film machine can be perfect, no need to plug in, no need for artificial foot cover